Thursday 9 May 2013

Back at it.

A new blog… Finally.
I knew I hadn’t updated this in a while but didn’t realize it was a long as New Years …  better late that never.
It has been fairly quite since, hence the lack of blogging.
January and February I was on a five week placement in a Primary school as part of my degree which was brilliant but knocked my training a bit with being in Scotland in winter with snow at least once a week and constantly picking up colds and bugs with being surrounded by small kids.

I have been to Spain twice since then with the Irish Triathlon Squad, trying to get my fitness back. I have made a video from these camps which I hope you will find interesting, you might have already seen it but I might as well link it to my blog. I will hopefully make a few videos from time to time as a rather enjoy it, regardless of the fact that I don’t really know what I am doing and am just really playing about, but its something different I suppose.

 Last weekend I raced my 1st triathlon of the season, European Premium Cup, Banyoles, Spain . I had struggled with a strained calf in the weeks leading up the race, and was told not to do it incase I was to set my self back further, but I was going for different reasons, I hadn’t raced in 7 months and I wanted to see where my swim/biking was, it was a process based race not end product.
I didn’t have a great race, I felt swim fit but made stupid mistakes tactically which comes from race experience and sharpness; the whole reason I wanted to race therefore gaining what I wanted from the race. I have hopefully made the mistakes and learnt from them, hopefully not making the same mistakes when it matters. I was happy with my biking, so its about getting my run back up to where I want it and start getting some good results.

I have now reevaluated my race program and the main focus now is getting in some good run shape.

I have yet to find any photos from the race but when I do I will stick them up.