Tuesday 9 November 2010

Random Update

Training over here in Stirling aswell as Uni work all seems to be going good, pity its just awful weather at the moment.

My leg seems ok, just not rushing things, have done three runs so far, 5, 6, and 7mins and still no pain which is a good sign.

Also earlier on today I did my 1st ever Roller session, I had never been on rollers in my life before today but seemed 2 pick it up quite quick and really enjoyed it.
It took me about 4mins until I was cycling comfortably without holding onto the wall, which I think is pretty good.

Have been organising going home in 2weeks to attend the Triathlon Ireland Awards Night, so I am really looking forward to it and very pleased to be getting home for a while to be spoilt rotten and most of all see my family :):):)