I am proud to have worked with Lakeland Bikes Enniskillen since 2013 racing on the amazing Roofscape Custom build Cervelo S5. I have also received a training bike every season along with helmets, see the photos below. 

New Running Sponsor - On-Running

On Running shoes reduce impact on landing with their revolutionary cloud soles but allow for a solid take of. You really have to try them to believe it, they are fantastic.
The reduction in impact cuts down the risk of injury and short term cuts down on the fatigue of pounding the hard ground constantly whilst running on hard surfaces but allows for fast reactive running.

Verve Cycling - Info Crank.


You need a power meter for your bike that works every day, no matter where the adventure may take you. InfoCrank is IPX7 rated, meaning you could ride it submerged in a stream without any water ingress issues. You’ll get a perfect stream of data in all sorts of crazy conditions.

Temperature steady

Temperature affects strain gauges and messes with the readings. Other spider, hub or crank based power meters use algorithms to compensate for these errors. But InfoCrank was built specifically to eliminate problems without relying on complex calculations. Every data point from InfoCrank is completely accurate and true, making it the best power meter for a road bike.

Super durable

Cycling pushes us to our limits, and we need our tools to go the distance with us. InfoCrank has all its electronics protected inside a high grade alloy crankset, making training with a power meter a breeze. What’s different about InfoCrank? It just works. Only every time. Scroll down this page to read our cycling power meter reviews.

Zone3 Wetsuits.

don't think I need to say anything other than; the Zone3 Vanquish is the fastest, most comfortable wetsuit I have ever worn. This is the 3rd season racing in a Zone3 Wetsuit and I hope to continue to wear their suits in the future as I really wouldn't pick any other wetsuit ... and I have tried plenty of them.