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Fingal Triathlon 16th May 2010

Fingal Triathlon.

16th May 2010

First race of the season!

It was part of at Triathlon Junior weekend; The Saturday consisted of a talent identification day, where the members of the squad had to renew their times to get back on the squad and a chance for new people to get on the squad.

On the Sunday the current members of the squad participated in the Fingal Triathlon, and aquathon.

This meant that a wee weekend in Dublin was required.

As this was the first race of the season and only my second ever triathlon, it was still all very new to me and I was constantly learning.

Thankfully we had all been giving Irish trisuits, which meant that it would cut down time in transition, unlike my first triathlon when I wore Speedo jammers, and pulled on a cycling t-shirt, which lets just say didn’t exactly give me the fast T1 split of the day. J

This triathlon was a pool swim (50m pool), which I didn’t mind because I hadn’t done many open water swims and also didn’t have my own wetsuit, so that was a plus.

I was in the fastest lane of the fastest wave, with the rest of the Irish Juniors and some top class Triathletes, unknown to us at the time this lane included the top 3 men and top lady.

The swim was good, very comfortable I was in control at the front, setting the pace and feeling strong, I was passed with 150meters to go by a fellow junior athlete, this did not worry my, so I just tucked on his heels which give me a wee bit of a rest at the end of the swim which let me set my self up for the rest of the race.

I was 1st out of T1 – although not supper fast as I was yet to master the skill of having my shoes attached to my bike.

The bike leg was good, not brilliant, but still promising, it was an out and back bike course, which I had travelled in the car the night before so was confident on the route. I was passed by Bjorn Ludick very quickly and soon after Colin Bolger. I ended up going into T2 in 5th place and exited in 3rd.

My legs were very heavy coming off the bike but just ran in order to stay in position for top junior, at no point had I even realised I was in 3rd. The run was also an out and back route, but it felt like it went on forever, every marshal I meet I asked, “how much further to the turn around point” and every single one gave the same answer no matter were they were on the course; “just around the corner” I didn’t really mind this cause each time I asked I believed them and picked it up that little bit more.

I finished strong and was so happy I was 1st Junior, but it just kept getting better after I came across the line.

Chris Jones came over to congratulate me and as he shook my hand and said; “Well done Russell, good race - on that performance we have decided to bring you to the European Championships!” I couldn’t believe it, I had qualified for a major competition in my 2nd ever Triathlon! J

I also found out that I had finished 3rd overall all, but I don’t think it was possible to get to another level of happiness than what I was already at.

Soon after the results came out to confirm this and also that I had been clocked with the fastest run split, I couldn’t believe it, everything has came on so much in such a short period of time, and the best thing was I knew there was much more to come! J

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