Friday 8 October 2010

Settled in to University.

This will be my 1st post since moving to University.
(Stirling University) I am now well settled in, everything has been really busy these past couple of weeks, but I am really enjoying it over here and really think that I have made a good decision.
Haven't had time to write a report on the World Champs yet, with everything being so crazy lately, but I am planning on getting it done this weekend as it looks like it will be pretty quiet and it will give me a bit of a break from some school work that I need to keep on top of.

But anyway, all is good at this end. The set-up here is awesome, especially the 50m pool, I love swimming in it in the mornings, should really get 2 bed now as I Have a 6.30 session in the morning.
I have got back into a wee bit of gentle cycling which is good and no pain in the leg so far.

I haven't actually mentioned that yet on this; the day after I came home from Budapest I went to the hospital to get an x-ray on a sore leg i have had all summer.
So i got the x-ray only to find out that I had a double stress fracture in both the tibia and fibula of my lower left leg, so was told no biking and running for six weeks (currently on 4 weeks atm), - thinking about it i didn't really have a bad season considering i had been racing with a double stress fracture in my leg all summer and maybe even longer. Really looking forward to seeing what i can do next year with more experience, and fully fit. :)

... So have been seeing the physio and all looks good and seem to be healing pretty well, still no running yet, but there is no point in rushing into things as it has happened at the best possible part of the season that it could have, so making sure it is fully healed before i do anything stupid.

So thats basically the gossip since coming back from the World champs, keep checking the page out for more updates.

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