Tuesday 4 January 2011

Only days away!

Feeling much better now finally over the cold, back into a bit of light training before I head away to Spain for 5weeks, Aquilas to be exact.

I will be training for 2weeks with the Scottish squad, followed by 2weeks with the Irish senior squad, and then another week with the Scottish squad before coming home for a while before I head back over to Stirling.

The two weeks with the Irish Squad will be my 1st time training with the Seniors and I am looking forward to this opportunity.

I am sure that it will not be a heat wave over there but it will surely be a lot warmer and with less chance of snow than home. Topped off with some good hard hills, some sea and sun it will be a brilliant chance to get stuck into some good hard uninterrupted winter training without the winter weather.

I nice wee pic from the top of one of the climbs from when I was in Aquilas last Easter.

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