Tuesday 4 January 2011

The end of a very eventful year!!

I have more news regarding my stress fracture;

When I was still over in Stirling I thought it would be a good idea to get my leg scanned again before I went over to Spain and before I started to really ramp the running back up (already at 22mins without any pain) to be honest this was in fact a very good idea.

When I got the results of my MRI back the doctor did not think that my leg has healed as much as he would have liked and just to be sure that it does not become a recurring problem he told me to take another 6 weeks off from running.

Although very frustrating, it has still happened at the best possible time; before the start of the season, and hopefully before a very long career ahead of me, one that will hopefully be injury free. When you look at it this way 6 weeks is nothing!

Now currently back home in nice cold Northern Ireland, very cold indeed. The most snow that I have ever seen, very nice for a white Christmas but not great for training. It ended up not really making much of a difference as I came down with the cold which meant that it gave me the opportunity to rest and enjoy being at home and being spoilt.

Now into 2011 another year begins and my 2nd season in Triathlon (1st complete year), reflecting back on last year it is hard to believe how everything has came together, not bad for only taking up cycling in February. From making the decision to move away from swimming and start triathlon in February, I had been to the European and World Championships by September.

Talk about diving into the deep end!

In preparation for next season I have looked at potential races and hopefully secured some sponsorship (all of which will be on my website once finalized)

All in all looks like a very exciting year ahead if last year was anything to go by, being a 1st season this year is looking very good.

Bring it on!

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