Thursday 24 February 2011

Back to Stirling.

I have now been back to Stirling for 1 ½ weeks now, it’s been very busy trying to get organised and settled back in. Mum and Dad drove me over on the boat and stayed for a few days to help me get settled back in, and it was also nice to see my sister, Rebecca who came up from Glasgow (hadn’t seen her since I left to go out to Spain, so it turned into a really nice family long weekend.

So much has happened in such a short period of time, it’s been all go. I have started back to Uni which has been good loving all my new modules and got some pretty good lecturers which is a major plus. The Major event has been my Dad getting a hip operation, which seems to have gone pretty well, just wish I was able to be with him to look after him, but he seems to managing ok. I have also been trying to get some Sponsorship sorted for next season which is looking promising, so I will update when everything is confirmed. I have also been to see the consultant who is really pleased with my leg and believes that it is healed, but have been referred for an MRI scan just to get proof, but things are looking good. (: will know within two weeks and I should be all ready for race season.

People say that everything happens for a reason and that is the way I have been looking at this stress fracture. It has allowed me to get improve on my swimming and cycling even more and it has also flagged up conditioning issues with I have been trying to sort out so that it will not only prevent me from getting injured again but also will hopefully be performance enhancing.

For once Scottish weather has been good enough to allow some consistent training which will hopefully last, (have had a bit of snow on the hills but hopefully should all stay away)

Last week I did have one very eventful training session; went out for a 3hr group ride which ended up only being 1hr30, due to the fact that I punctured by front tyre while descending. Luckily being able to stay upright, I thought it would just be a simple tube ; how wrong I was! As it was cold and wet I decided to quicken things up by inflating the new tyre with an air canister, unfortunately when putting the wheel back on the type exploded with a massive bang shredding the tube and also ripping the tyre. To make things worse none of us had a spare tyre, making me stranded and therefore I had to phone for a lift home while the rest of the guys cycled back. Thankfully Dave McNamee offered to come and rescue me, for which I am truly grateful.

All in all it has been pretty good to get back to Uni and hopefully all will go to plan with the MRI next week and I really hope I get the news I want to hear. I will no doubt update on the result as soon as I get it. (:

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