Sunday 6 March 2011

Home Alone.

I was in my chalet at uni all alone this weekend as the rest of the guys were away home and at various different things, so I had the whole place to myself, which was actually quite nice and a good time to get things sorted and get my head showered. I would love to have said that it was really productive but it wasn’t overly. I did manage to get a good bit of training in, watch a couple of dvd’s and eat a lot of Tesco cookies. What more could you ask for.

I was out today for my long ride (by myself) better than I expected, it wasn’t as boring as I thought it was going to be, mainly because I just kept getting lost and was more worried about where I was than being bored.

I came across I sign which I had to stop and take a picture of. It isn’t just a random sign it has a lot of significance since I have came over to University in Scotland. Since I have moved here I have got a lot of abuse (all friendly) from the triathletes that I live with. A lot of which revolves around what I say and the way I say things. I get laughed at so much for my accent. But there is one thing that I get even more abuse for and it is POTATOES! Yes potatoes, since September I have found out that Scottish people find people from Ireland and potatoes hilarious; they have some obsession with the Irish Famine. So every time I buy them they always comment on it, like ; “are you stocking up incase you run out of them again” and stupid stuff like that. So when I seen this sign I had to stop and take a picture, I couldn’t resist.

I would love to see the guys faces if I came home with one of these bags, it would be priceless. To be honest that is pretty good value.

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