Monday 14 March 2011

27 weeks but finally some good news.

Last Monday I went and got the results for my MRI scan, and finally I have got some good news.

My scans showed that my leg has healed enough that the consultant is happy for me to start running again. FINALLY, ( I think I also got a world record for the slowest healing stress fracture it has been 27 weeks from getting my 1st x-ray after World Champs until the day I got my 2nd MRI results.)

So now I have to still be very careful and build my running up slowly and will require a lot of drills and conditioning, but hopefully if everything goes to plan I will be all ready for a successful season.

Other than that last week was pretty uneventful, just a good solid week of training with some very nice compu-trainer sessions.

I topped it off with a long ride with the guys on Sunday over Dukes Pass, which is a pretty good local climb, (still don’t know the area that well yet but I’m getting there) what made it so good was that it was covered in snow. I always wind the guys up that Scotland is a rubbish country and that they are just a small part of England ( I give as good as I get) but on Sunday I had to admit that Scotland does have some fantastic scenery, and it has some lovely riding. It was painful to compliment it but it was true.

I am heading home next weekend to get physio and make sure I am all ready to get back into the running, and will also be a good chance to see the Family who I have unfortunately not seen much of lately. Always love going home to get spoilt. And then once I come back over to Stirling, I will have a very Busy week getting ready to go back out to Spain for two weeks with Triathlon Scotland. (2weeks today) Which should be a very good solid block of training which I am really looking forward to. Recently I also set up a twitter account, so if you fancy following please do so, for more random frequent updates on how things are going.

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  1. Athletes or very active people really do get injured a lot as their muscles and bones stretch. It’s really a good new that you were able to recover from your leg injury. Give your leg a little more time to heal and you’re good to go running again! Congrats!

    -Julio Loose