Friday 22 August 2014

Dunkerque French Grand Prix

This was my 1st ever French Grand Prix race, and long awaited, I had my team all last season but due to injuries, other races and lack of form to justify selection I didn’t race for them.
This year after a half decent performance in Chengdu I was given a start for the team which I was really looking forward to. It is a great change to race for a team in such an individual sport. Although everyone is focused on their own race its all about getting the best place possible in order to have the highest possible team placing.

Dunkerque is renowned for a crazy swim. 1st buoy at 220 meters its all about getting out rapid and avoid the carnage. Thankfully I can said I did that and probably had my best swim of my season so far; I got there very close to the front and that was job done, sit in for the rest of the 750m swim. I managed to get into a lead group of 11 with some top boys, Mola, Royle, Benson, Belaubre et al and it was pressure on to stay away. We didn’t put much time into the field after the 1st lap. We just held the gap and stayed away.

Hit the run and my legs knew that it was the 3rd race in consecutive weekends, they didn’t play ball and to add to it neither did my stomach, at this level if you aren’t moving forward at a rate of knots you feel like you are moving backwards faster than forward as the rest of the field cruise past.

So that was my 1st FGP, 33rd and a pretty good 2/3 of a race, unfortunately missing the most important 1/3, but team was happy I was flying the flag up near the front for so long so that was a positive.

Great experience and a big thanks thank to TCG79 Parthenay  for everything over the weekend- it was honor to race for them and cant wait for the next one.

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