Friday 22 August 2014

Kitzbuhel European Senior Champs.

Kitzbuhel European Senior Champs.

First Senior European Champs.

Not a very good day at the office but what an experience.

Awful swim; smashed at the buoys and lost a lot of placing and resulted in having to work very hard to swim up the outside to get out in a half decent position.

On to the bike and it was time to get a move on. Unfortunately there was very few willing to work in order to catch the front of the race, something I will never understand. It’s never game over. Thankfully I had Conor Murphy and Matt Sharp willing to work as well and there wasn’t too many more pulling turns but we caught up to the front halfway through the bike. Time to sit in and get ready for the run.

Great transition and out right at the front – but that didn’t last long, my legs were cooked and I was on an express train backwards through the field again. Super frustrating that I am unable to put a run together off a bike even though the training is telling me I am more than capable.

Loved racing senior Europeans, learnt a lot and I will be back to stay up near the front for longer than the 1st 800m of the run.

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