Monday 6 September 2010

Big Splash Triathlon, Portglenone

Big Splash Triathlon,


24th July 2010

2nd race in a row, was hoping this race would go the same way as last weekends race.

Still being an unknown, I was hoping to slip under the radar and surprise a few more people this week again.

The swim was in the River Bann, and was very short, ended up it had been measured wrong; if only I could do 4mins50 for all my 750m swims it would be amazing.

Still managed to exit the swim in 1st place, but was closely followed.

After a very speedy T1 I was well on my way and had a gap between myself and 2nd place. It was a 20km out and back course which gradually climbed up to the turnaround point, the only problem was it was hard to make up the time on the downhill because there was a headwind back to the transition area.

I managed to get back to T2 still in 1st place – my biking has really came on leaps and bounds. T2 wasn’t great, 1st of all I was obstructed into the transition area by the lead car, and then when I went to run out of transition I started to run the wrong way, it wasn’t until I heard everyone shout that I realised that I wasn’t going the correct way. As I was running out I managed to see the next two men coming in from the cycle and I was able to judge how much time I had, I was pretty confident that I had a strong lead but this race was still far from over.

The run was an out and back course as well, so I was nearly always able to see the gap between myself and second place. On the run second place was Brian Campbell, I knew he was an extremely strong runner, as he is 3 time Irish cross country champion and commonwealth triathlete, so I knew that if I wanted to win this race I was really going to need a very strong run.

At the halfway point I seen that I had a good lead, and felt very comfortable so I was able to just keep going and managed to finish in 1st 2 weekends in a row. Once I finished my coach Oliver Harkin came over to me to congratulated me and he said “I don’t think you realise how big a scalp that was beating Brian Campbell!”

I was so happy to have won today as it meant that last week wasn’t a fluke and that

I had found a bit of form; hopefully this run of form would last for a good while.

2 wins in 2weeks. J

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