Monday 6 September 2010

Muckno Mania Triathlon

Muckno Mania Triathlon.


17th July 2010

1st Race since the Europeans, was really looking forward to get back racing and staying on the bike this time.

The swim was in Lake Muckno, the coldest swim I have done so far. At one point I didn’t know if I was kicking or not because my feet were so numb.

The swim was good, came out in the lead, it had felt very comfortable and I had felt in control but it didn’t feel that fast, it was hard to see all the buoys, they weren’t very viable and had birthday balloons to try and make them easier to see, but didn’t really work, it was all made harder as there were 5 buoys so u had to swim in a pentagon, therefore, a lot of time was spent sighting rather than just swimming.

Wetsuit didn’t really come off as easily as I would have liked but still managed to exit T1 still in first.

On to the bike, 1st time using my new Mavic Cocmic Carbone SL wheels, they elt amazing, the cycle was shorter than the usual 20km, and very fast, I didn’t see anyone on the cycle, and I didn’t really know the course so it was good that I had a car to escort me the whole way around the cycle.

T2 happened very smoothly, and was out on the run in no time, the run course was great there was a wee island and it was two laps of it, it was virtually a completely flat and gravel path and was really easy to run on.

This has been my best run so far, it was very fast and very comfortable, still hadn’t seen anyone, just kept running though as it was hard to see who was behind. I kept the foot on the gas to the very end, after leading the whle way I wasn’t going to give it up at the end.

I managed to stay in 1st the whole way winning by a margin of 2mins 37secs. I had just got my 1st, 1st overall in my very short career.

3rd then 2nd now 1st in my past 3 races, going in the right direction anyway. J

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