Monday 6 September 2010

Lord of the Lake.

At Camlough, my nearest open water venue. They held a competition, to swim the full length of the lake from one end to the other, (1.7 miles)

So I managed to win it by a margin of 2 mins.

I went 30 mins exactly, could they not have gave me 29.59.99, that would have been alot better.
But never mind there is always next year.
I was told that it mite actually me the course record, its not official yet but lets hope so.

It was really good fun, i really enjoyed it, i'm sure there is plenty of people that would disagree, and say that swimming non stop for 30mins is madness, but to me it isn't.

I seen a t-shirt for a half ironman today, on the back it quoted all the distance and underneath it said;

" WHY? Because I can! "

I thought that it was brilliant.
from now on that will be my response to anybody that tells me what I do is crazy etc.

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